About Me

Well since you clicked on this little link titled ABOUT ME that must mean that you wanna hear a little about me.
So first thing first, my name is Amanda. I'm a down to earth country girl. I have been on the heavy side since middle school. I married the man of my dreams on March 6, 2012. Everything was perfect except that I was FAT. I was around 207 lbs, I had a goal to be 140 lbs by my wedding and even had a year to lose it. Sadly I didn't lose anything. Here I am a year after my wedding and still aint lost as much as I would have like. I have lost roughly around 10 lbs since my wedding which is not a good thing seeing that it was a year ago.

This time I really wanna get on track and stay on track. I'm sick of always failing. I'm going to use this blog to record my journey along the way!